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Amerige Office

The Amerige Brothers Real Estate Office is Fullerton's First Commercial Building. You can help restore it.


Fullerton’s First Commercial
Building (1887) Needs Your Help

See the March 15 Project Update Below

The Amerige Brothers Real Estate Office in Amerige Park was last restored in 1983. Time has taken its toll and this vital piece of our City’s history must be protected.

Fullerton Heritage, your local volunteer preservation organization, has been given the opportunity by the Fullerton City Council to manage restoration of the building.  This must be a community effort, since the City has no funds for the project.

Donations, in-kind services, and volunteers are urgently needed to make this a successful endeavor, to be completed by May 2013, the City’s founding month.

Please join in and help give the building the TLC that it deserves

The following tasks are included in the scope of the project.  Please consider participating by
signing up for one or more.

Donations Needed for a
Successful Restoration

  • Install a new roof
  • Complete the building’s power connections
  • Replace conduit, wiring, plugs, switches, fixtures as needed
  • Repair and refinish window mechanisms and frames
  • Repair/replace window screens and frames
  • Replace the existing “Amerige Brothers” sign
  • Replace water-damaged interior wood
  • Install new thresholds at the two doors
  • Install new carpet and window coverings
  • Sand, scrape, and otherwise  prep outside and inside for painting
  • Paint outside and inside
  • Install new heating/air conditioning (HVAC) unit
  • Replace door hardware with  more appropriate style
  • Replace/repair foundation vents and skirting as needed

Amerige Brothers Real Estate Office Restoration

YES!  I will help with the restoration! Complete, print and mail the form below. Or download a copy of the brochure.


In-Kind Donation

Cash Donation

Fullerton Heritage – AmerigeBuilding


Name of Donating Party:

Contact Person (if Different):



Mail this completed form to:   

Fullerton Heritage
PO Box 3356
Fullerton, CA 92834


All donations will be acknowledged and may be tax deductible based on the 501(c)(3) status of Fullerton Heritage.




Project Update: How Are We Doing as of March 15, 2013?

The good news is, we have made significant progress.  We can include the following
businesses and individuals as partners in the project:

Roof replacement materials and labor and volunteers for work parties by Fullerton South Rotary – Bob Cummins, President

Wood and related items for interior and exterior repairs/replacements by Ganahl Lumber – Chad Kidder

All electrical components and labor to be donated by Fullerton Electric – Don Holly

Restoration of window operating components and labor to be donated by Window Restoration and Repair – Ed Sanchez

Interior carpeting to be donated by Rite Loom – George Lowe

Carpentry and wood repair work to be donated by McGarvey Construction Company – Bill McGarvey III

General Carpentry work to be donated by Unlimited Remodeling – David Huisenga

General carpentry and woodwork to be donated by Benchmark Custom Woodworks – Nick David

Paint and labor for preparation and painting to be donated by Adam England

Fabrication and installation of new Amerige Brothers sign to be donated by Letter Perfect Signs – Frank Smika

We are grateful for these pledges.  Please show your appreciation by considering these donors for your personal and business needs.

The following tasks still need sponsorships.  Please contact us if you can lend a hand.  You can call the Fullerton Heritage Hotline at 714-740-3051.

  • New heat pump unit for heating and air conditioning
  • Materials, supplies, and volunteers to support the painting tasks – scrapers, brushes,  tarps, etc.
  • Door and window hardware and lighting fixtures



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